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IP logged posted posted 09-21-2015 16:19 Edit Quote

The situation that I was in has been resolved.

I had moved and was living with my fiance. After a few months, she flipped the switch and kicked me out. Suddenly no car, no job, no furniture, and $30 in the bank. She literally dropped me off in my mother's driveway when no one was home. With just a handful of things, I was living in my mother's basement. No internet, but 48 acres of land to explore. As much as it sucked for various reasons, it was good for other reasons. While there, I had made quite a few things for Ma to sell. She is into various arts-n-crafts, mostly on the sewing side of things, and she has a rented space at an antique shop. Plus she does shows and would take some of my crafts. She was absolutely amazed at the range of skills I had learned over the past few years.

After a few months of that, my ex-fiance got back in touch with me. In no time at all, I had moved back in with her and we eloped to Niagra Falls. Beautiful little wedding right there in the middle of it all. Tourists even clapped and whistled when I dipped her for the kiss.

Yeah, I'm pretty much back.

In the short time that I have been back to where I want to be, I have been working on a dungeon crawl idea that I've had for a very long time. Not going to be a full-blown dungeon crawl, but just a little puzzle thing to wander around in. Doing it with Python right in console old school ascii. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be ready to give ya'll a taste.


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IP logged posted posted 09-22-2015 11:40 Edit Quote

Good to hear everything worked out for you two!

Can't wait to test your game, holler if you have any python questions - slinging python is pretty much what I do for a living these days.

Getting hitched myself later this afternoon...

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IP logged posted posted 09-23-2015 15:36 Edit Quote

Questions about Python? Oh, I've got more than a few. Like why can't Python have regular multi-dimensional arrays like every other language? Literally backwards trying to do what I'm trying to do. And why does by reference have to be such a pain? Maybe not exactly questions - more like venting. Venting? Don't get me started on indenting when things start getting deep. <Lewis Black voice>I've got a two-deep chunk finally working nice with a backwards 2d array, and now I have to wrap it in a conditional *and* throw it into a def</Lewis Black voice>.

I'm actually okay with it. It can do what I want to do within reason, I just have to figure out how to sweet talk it. One last little bit of the algorithm and it should be all easy from there. Then I'll zip it up and e-mail it to ya for a peek.

Congrats on your marriage!
I hope the ceremony and reception went well.
I don't see you two smooching...

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IP logged posted posted 09-15-2016 09:36 Edit Quote

I agree with it, nice
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