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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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IP logged posted posted 08-29-2019 20:55 Edit Quote

It's hard to explain what happened - I'd like to not make it about me; it wasn't.

But at some point I did something which "triggered" a series of experiences: spiritual in nature.

Through these I learned things that I have been able to confirm; namely, my present study of "Nei Gong" - the Daoist path of spiritual cultivation, has collided many times with information I gathered through either dreams or meditation.

There. I said it.

I believe that, put out there, these ideas can help.

The first, an idea of the Tao, is that "the Universe is a recursive fractal of consciousness".

You'll find this in at least two places you know: the pervasiveness of the Golden Ratio; and the fact that all sensory experience appears to be the processing of a signal (with quantum physics having shown that matter, like light, is corpuscular and undulatory).

The fun thing, the truly superb thing is: this was written.

Since the dawn of times, Scripture has indicated this.

Matthew 13:31

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

Insane since: Apr 2008

IP logged posted posted 08-31-2019 09:50 Edit Quote

In this respect, and although other "conceptions" generally associated with "New Age" are loathsome, hacked fragments of "truth" that could hardly bring clarity - because they don't come from clarity, there is one visionary artist whose work is truly, deeply, remarkable.

Somebody who came from darkness and eventually experienced light.

Alex Grey.

The above "clip" correctly depicts experience as fractal.

And although I definitely do not advocate any kind of psychedelics to achieve things attainable in meditation, this painter has had a remarkable experience.

On Buddha Nature:

Maniac (V) Inmate

From: raht cheah
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IP logged posted posted 12-18-2019 23:03 Edit Quote

from Wikipedia : "I am who I am" – an evasion of Moses's question muahaha

great post/topic, I think I'm seeing a LOT of psychedelic advocacy the last couple of years, glad to see you not on that bandwagon. If/when psychedelics have that popular surge, it'll be a big mess, the thought of it concerns me a great deal.

I had an epiphany about the fractal nature of just about every datgum thing years back. Anytime I'm talking to someone about it I find it helpful to give them two videos to watch in succession to understand, the first lays out a bit about the Mandelbrot Set and the second about practical application of fractals:

- Jason

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