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IP logged posted posted 04-27-2020 22:33 Edit Quote

Found this site a while back and I don't know why it has captured me so... and my addiction to it grows as I follow it on twitter. I've done a couple of screen caps and used as desktops BG's. Give it a follow. makes for a nice diversion as the last column on tweetdeck.

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IP logged posted posted 05-10-2020 04:38 Edit Quote

Things being what they are, I've had some time to catch up on my arts-n-crafts. I did a bunch dying using some kits bought from an art-n-crafts store. Some solid and some using multiple colours. The multiples being ones that come together in kits. One of my favourite kits being teal, fuchsia, and purple. Not only do the yarns look good by themselves, but they also look good when braided with other solid dye jobs. I've always been aware that I could get a wide range of colours from Dharma, but I just stuck to the store bough kits out of convenience.

I grabbed a few different pieces of dyed yarn and started braiding by hand. Just small samples to see how they look together, so no need to bust out the marudai. Besides, my marudai is currently loaded with a commission (it's so beautiful!). And I'm sitting doing some hand braiding while watching The Ninth Gate.

For some reason, I started thinking about this post. Epiphany! Use a scheme picker (that I would have only used strictly for a website) to pick colours for tie dye! OMG, why hadn't I thought of this before? Why limit myself to store bought kits when colour scheme pickers and Dharma dyes are readily available? So obvious, and yet has gone by me for more than a few years.

Thank you, NoJive.
Good on you.

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