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IP logged posted posted 03-29-2004 01:50 Edit Quote

I am using Div Layers on my website, but everytime I add a new page to my website, since every page has to have the same layout, I have to go through every single one of my pages in order to just add the new link (I have a Lot pages). I was wondering if there is any easier way, there seriously HAS to be with the amount of people who use them.

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IP logged posted posted 03-29-2004 02:04 Edit Quote

Well, you will have to be far more specific about what yo are doing and what you want.

I cannot see any possible connection between "div layers" (of course, I don't completely understand what that even means, either) and adding links to your pages.

Essentially, regardless of whether you use "div layers" or not, if you want to be able to add links to a navigation system of some sort, without updating every single page, you need to break the pages up, and use server side includes of some sort - SSI, PHP, etc.

Some resources here -

I highly recommend, if possible, you take a PHP route. My second choice, if PHP were not an option, would be SSI. Javascript would be, for me, a last resort - it'll work...

Now, as to the "div layers".....

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if it wer me i would either use php or put it in a javascript on a diferent page(i do know this isnt the javascript page but thats jst what i would do)





then on the page called code.js(make your page then copy the divs into notepad and in the name box just put code.js)
function Show_Divs() {
document.write("<div style=position: absolute; visibility: hidden><a>link</a></div>")
and by the way dont put speech marks(") inside the brackets cos this will screw it up and it works without anyway

p.s.DL-44 by divs she means drop down menus they are written <div> and are a layer that can overlap other elements on a page if you want an example just click the little button that ses menu up at the top left of your screen

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IP logged posted posted 05-03-2004 22:20 Edit Quote

How do I make updating my site design easier? might also be of interest to you.

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