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IP logged posted posted 06-25-2002 21:23 Edit Quote

I was asked to do a cover to a brochure booklet for a colledge about 3 1/2 X 5 inches wide and I'm sure how much to charge for this type of thing. I've Never done any desktop publishing jobs like this. Any help??

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I'd charge by the hour...and then compute the amount of hours I'd 'need' to do it...and there you have it. I think the FAQ has something on charging by the hour...

Or you could go with a set price...but I'd be careful on are talking about printing...if you are real good with graphics and print, then go with a set price. My .02

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My advice would be similar to WS's.

Unless your really confident in your talents charge by the hour. Judge how much your going to charge by the amount of work you have and how difficult it is going to be to complete it. Maybe take a look at other companies offering similar services and see about how much they charge to get a rough idea.

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