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Date of Arrival
02nd of August 2000
Maniac (V) Mad Scientist
Current Location
Denver, CO, USA
Contact Details

ICQ: 8520632
Email: svandoren(AT)

Additional Information

I guess there's a big part of me that is constantly seeking out new information to absorb. I'd like to think that it is my naturally inquisitive nature that begs me to do this, but I think it is actually more akin to my indifference with the norm--what is now, and what is likely to come.

I study linguistics ad infinitum, love it almost as much as I loved design when it was such a large portion of my day. Now, it's shuffled back into the recesses of a chaotic mind. I'd like to think I can design just as well today as I did in '99 or '01, but I think that's a dream I've left far behind. Now, words are the passion...of course, where "content is king," I am hopeful in my belief that it's a passion here, too.

These days I'm a software developer. Mooch.

You can reach me at svandoren(AT), and I'll be more than happy to respond...with all due haste.

And for those who like reading, my journal is here:




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