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Date of Arrival
06th of September 2000
Lunatic (VI) Mad Scientist
Current Location
the Psychiatric Ward
Contact Details

Occupation: head of the Psychiatric Ward
e-mail: fill in the blank -> _________ @

Additional Information

I like... shiny things. Green things. Expensive things. Things that aid laziness, even if they take a lot of time/work to make/buy/build. yuengling. the Simpsons 24/7 on winamp TV. Burgers; Current fav would be the jack daniels burger at TGI Fridays with their onion rings.
I do not like... "Attack of the giant leeches." Leeches in general. Anime. Waking up in the AM. Mushrooms. Fast food burgers. (Carls JR does not apply here... it rocks) [also known as hardies to the yuppies] dress socks.
I am indifferent... macs. common american beer.


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