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Date of Arrival
28th of January 2005
Bipolar (III) Inmate
Current Location
Therapy Department 117 :Skining and Mods
Additional Information

Stewie Griffin: Oh for Godís sake. Yea and God said to Abraham, "You will kill your son Isaac." And Abraham said, "I can't hear you, you'll have to speak into the microphone." And God said, "Oh I'm sorry, Is this better? Check, check, check... Jerry, pull the high end out, I'm still getting some hiss back here." <ROFL

I Am But Just some other 17+ year old Joe-do-ra-me ....altho we have never met.... that really dosen't matter...i least I think I think....ow..that hurts...what ever that the way..My Name is INSANEdrive ... (but you of course already read that...) I am Here on a mission.....and right now that is to remember what it was....hmmm...but for I am

O...and I am In My own way am/are Insane ....But more on that...when I feel like it

I have just a Photoshop Elements 2.0 , I have used it to make skins for halo pc , and lately have been attempting to make sigs.
Im getting better as I go.....but for now Im Better than I was (of course have a $600 Photoshop 7/8 would be nice)

My Reason for Comeing Into , and Joining This Forum... is so that I May Learn, and Ask many things about Photoshop.. so I can Learn how to use it better... altho... Much of the Topics Here are Way Over My head ...and in that light I am An EXTREAM NOOB ( in Photoshop ) when compared to some of the sigs that I have seen here... some of which, Makes My Jaw Drop each time, and every new sig that I see is always clean, sharp , and just darn goodlooking... (really) ... I am here so that I can learn how I myself can make sigs with the same propertys that i have seen here ... or in other words..... to try to get as good with photoshop as most people here... May the Force be with me... cause... dam... I have alot to learn...and teach my self...

How I came to find this place.... well i found Mahjqa's Personal site.... where I found the sigs he made.... I ruined keyboard by the fact that my jaw droped...and drooled all over it..... and... HEY THATS WHAT MY MISSION IS.... HEY MAHJQA ... YOU OWE ME A NEW KEYBOARD

....anyway... he had a link here... and sence (as I have already stated) I want to learn how to make sigs as nice as ...well... Ive seen here... so that I can improve the sigs I have already made (that are too big for this forum... I think) and make even better new ones.... and so with the skills I gain with sigs... I can use to make and enhance skins on Halo, Halo2, Or any other game that I may be skining/modding in the future...

And Now..Something that was going to be my sig...but is big..

"Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easer to live in the world theyíve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration, itís a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible it Temporary.
Impossible is nothing."

"....I enjoy doing the 'Impossible'...for I have found ways to do it...Its all in here...the Challenge it Opening the door..and finding the key" <-My mind made this... dont know why tho...even tho what it says is true


UPDATE: November 29 2005, I get Photoshop Cs2 !! WOOT !!

UPDATE2: December 25 2005, I get a Wacom graphire 3 4x5 !!!WOOT!!!



There Is A Fine Line Between Genius and Insanity... I Have Erased this line

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