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Date of Arrival
01st of March 2001
Bipolar (III) Inmate
Current Location
Raleigh, NC
Contact Details

Occupation: Web designer; Electronica DJ; 3D Renderer;
AIM: FAbmud
Yahoo: Osysi

Additional Information

Interests: I'm still quite interested in Flash Actionscript. I've done quite a few projects with it. But my main interest is finding ways to combine as many application inter-weavings as possible (it seems). The Brazil R/S is my renderer of choice for 3ds max. I also have been learning more and more about Illustrator. Works aren't limited to static images either, I like motion -- it's alot weirder to work with. I also like reading tutes at Gurus's Network, and eating food (sometimes both simultaneously). Soon enough I'll submit some tutorials of my own involving multi-application crazyness.


Shine and shine. :: [old cell]

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