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IP logged posted posted 08-05-2002 05:54 Edit Quote

not sure how to explain this exactly...anyways can someone explain how to do a background animation on an image, where the foreground stays still but the background moves liquid like mist/fog behind it really slowly for depth/feel? i've tried tutorials on animation and some backgrounf stuff but can't seem to figure out how to do it. I don't mean anything really like distracting, just a smooth fog like layer behind some still images.... anyways tnx

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what kind of animation did you think of?
flash? director? video?

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simplest way i can think of is chromakeying. shoot the foreground image on a solid color background. usally really bright colors that dont show up in real life much work best. neon green, blue. create your background animation, then composite the two by removing the colored background from the foreground image (making it transparent) and place the remaining issue on your created background.

impossible to be more specific without knowing the format.

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flash is what I figured since its the only thing that i've ever worked with, and I haven't used it much. is where I have what I made so far as the top logo. Its almost what I was going for but Im trying to do something a little more foggy/better looping. Anyways, thanks for what ya'll have mentioned so far =)

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IP logged posted posted 08-06-2002 15:34 Edit Quote

Fire/Smoke just do the same thing on a large scale. Instead of saving to .gif, save as a .png with a nice transparency channel. You can then tile the BG in a shape in flash by using a bitmap fill. If png transparency doesn't work in bitmap fill, you can always make your own tiled BG. Then just loop it.
BTW, I think what you have so far looks awesome. If you're really set on changing it, just use Mahjqa's info to make a large-scale smoke texture.
Also, I've always thought the prettiest smoke (though stationary, unless you can figure out how to make it move) is made by using a variation of Striding Studio's Luminous Essence. (my example) Good luck!

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