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I know that the .png format is not supported by all browsers. I don't need it to publish on the web, but for Director, a cd-rom production. I'm using .png because the quality is so much better than .gif and I have room enough on cd anyway.

But I don't know much about the .png, only that it is supported by Fireworks and -as I found out- apparently also by Director. Has anyone ever encountered bugs or oddities caused by using .png images instead of the common .gif? I'm working in Director 8.5 here.

Thanks already!

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Wow.. I wish this question had popped up about a year ago when I could answer the question better! You can find plenty of documentation on the *.png (peeng) format online via a search engine. The homesite is here, and will explain the advantages of *.png over gif and over jpg.

If you asked me, I think it's true sometimes, and other times not. Using the save for web feature in photoshop will sometimes show gif as a smaller file size. png really becomes usefull when you need that 8-bit transparency -- director supports it fine I believe. Also there's the fact that png can hold more colors that are suppost to exist for most web graphics -- kind of a different issue.

If you're looking to use a png like a gif with an indexed number of colors and gif-type transparency that's fine too. There' snot a lot to say about it.

If I wanted to know if png worked better than a gif in director I'd import one and try it. Like i said, sometimes the way *.gif organizes the colors makes for a smaller file than *.png because of color depth, columns and rows, the dimensions, et cetera...

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