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IP logged posted posted 01-19-2002 00:49 Edit Quote

Yeah although I'v been busy as hell with school final examinations and snowboarding I've got some very good indeas and now I'm starting to realising them!

Here's the start for that:

sections that are almost done are snowboarding and info.

I'd be glad to hear some comments how does this design feels to you and all the stuff you know what I mean!
(PS. don't bother mentioning about the way those main link on the left are)


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IP logged posted posted 01-19-2002 13:11 Edit Quote

NT: not that many pages, but I do a full a review still.


I like it (love people breaking out of silly web standards stuff and personalise they site), the content is easily seen and where the content would be on other pages not done. It is simple but yet looks good if done right with the right graphic work (I'll mention more in the graphics part). If I was you try and make a mouse over on your links on the left, so people no what there mouse is over and bigger screen sizes. Don't make the roll over a big of a change like a black or green colour, make it more fit in with you pages colours (try a white).

Graphics: Nice graphics but I think the left bar is a bit plain compared to the top graphics on your pages. maybe graphic it up more than just black. I don't know if it's me but you top page graphics did'nt seem to fit the first time I looked and now I have stared at it Iím starting to like them, but put some heading text with in the top graphics so people now where they are (that probably why I think they don't fit in, but still confused over it), just an idea I thought of concerning the graphics and thought I would share, The idea is have the left bar graphic, but the top page graphic is different to have meaning with the page content, but fits in with the left graphic very easily (get what I mean if not it's just an idea ).

Browser check:

IE 6 = Fine
NS 4 = The white right bar is gone and you have a grey bar under you content table (very bottom of the page. snowboarding page the images with the text next to them gets covered with the text.

NS 6 = Fine
Opera 5 = Fine

Overall: Great just a few problems with NS4, which can be fixed for a full cross browser site. The only thing I still confused about your graphics and how they fit, because your site is dark and the graphics are a mixture of dark and colourful, which does not fit, but the more you look at it the more you look the top graphics. This maybe me about the graphics thing .

keep working on it add a few things and think it will look great with the right things, very nice .

Chris C

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IP logged posted posted 01-19-2002 15:43 Edit Quote

nt: Just a quick review while I'm fixing IE6. It looks really good and you've done some great work on those graphics. Without being able to view the source (don't ask) I don't want to go into too much details and the only niggle I have is that 1 pixel border around your graphics which randomly alternates pink and black - it for some reason makes me think something is broken but I'm not sure why (it may be some memory o something odd in a very old computer like the ZX Spectrum!!). Also frames?


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IP logged posted posted 01-23-2002 11:33 Edit Quote

Hey thanks both of you for your great ideas and answers!
After giving big thoughts for that specific layout I came to the conclusion that I will redo that whole thing and before that I will give it wayyyyyyyy more thinking!


PS. This is what I put up for the mean time:

-Time is always against me-

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist with Finglongers

From: Cell 53, East Wing
Insane since: Jul 2001

IP logged posted posted 01-23-2002 21:33 Edit Quote

nt: OK we'll look forward to it. A couple of points to bear in mind:

1. Use keyword and description metatags on all your pages (inlcuding the one with the frameset and all those inside it).

2. Make more use of stlyes (esp. on your info page where you have FONT and B tags nested which can go) and make them external so browsers will cache them.

3. In your current design you don't need many (if any tables) so bear that in mind for the redesign.

4. Don't put a class in the body assign the styles to the body tag:

body {
font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
font-size: 10px;
font-style: normal;
font-weight: normal;
color: #000000;

Other than those points it should provide a good basis for the next design - keep working at it!!


With patience and saliva the ant swallows the elephant - Colombian proverb

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

From: the west wing
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IP logged posted posted 01-23-2002 23:45 Edit Quote

You change your design more often than I change my pants at an all-night GWAR concert, bub.

But, of course, your design changes are analogous to my pants-changing because I just shift from one pair of black pants to another. And so you shift from one design to another that is quite similar.

I'd damn my old eyes for being unable to read anything on that first site you posted, but I think I'll blame your design instead. Because my eyes aren't that old. And your fonts are tiny. Add to that low contrast and wasted space... well, you see my point.

I'll leave it there. I hope you don't.

...and this message doesn't exist.

s t e p h e n

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Newly admitted
IP logged posted posted 01-24-2002 16:51 Edit Quote

Whow hey as already being SUPER stoked (don't ask why) seeing these got me even more exited of everything!!

Emperor: there's definitely a lot to work on with my html skills and I'm super glad you gave me these good tips!!

twItch^: I take that as a very big compliment!!!

I'll start checking out my pages with different resolutions and computers to make them good for everyone! Thanks for the ideas!

-Time is always against me-

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From: Sarajevo, Bosnia
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IP logged posted posted 01-25-2002 20:32 Edit Quote

I do not know what do you say about "gray" sites but for me this is not suc a visual experience.

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IP logged posted posted 01-29-2002 01:58 Edit Quote

the font is really small for my 26 year old eyes ...
i think i have some sort of disorder tho i have the worst of times reading things vertically... its just so... awkward... for me ...
-C*****n McLeay

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