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IP logged posted posted 04-17-2002 06:03 Edit Quote

So in my usual confused state I am trying to burn a Powerpoint presentation to cd and I want it to auto-run when inserted in the drive. I've included the PP viewer ppview32.exe but when you double click that... it wants a valid path AND wants it in the old DOS format (what was it 5-3? can't remember). Not at all what I want (rathre not at all what mom-in-law wants) Just slip in the cd... double click and away we go. Anyway to do this other than installing a complete version of PP?

<edit> ok downloaded the latest PPviewer and it does in fact work with existing presentations on your HD but when I use the 'pack and go' and burn to cd... it's a no go... it's back to the old DOS dialogue box. Any clues?
thanx <edit>

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Maniac (V) Inmate

From: The Land of one Headlight on.
Insane since: May 2001

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ok... it's still a no go... I'm thinking the problem may be winME.
If you follow this you'll see my comments. I found a few how to's and this is the closest to working...

1.) Extract the PowerPoint Autorun files to "C:\"
2.) Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
3.) Run Pack and Go and select to include the viewer. Tell it to save where
you can easily find the files when its done saving. If you have PowerPoint
97 or 2000 you will need to install the viewer if you haven't already done
so. PowerPoint 2002 does not come with a viewer so you will have to download
the "PowerPoint Viewer 97 (2000 Release) for PowerPoint 2000 Users" from:


4.) After running Pack and Go you should see the following files:
"PNGSETUP.EXE" and "PRES0.PPZ". Run the "PNGSETUP.EXE" file and when it asks
where you want to extract the files to, tell it to extract to
"C:\Autorun\Show". Chose not to run the presentation after its done


5.) So your not wasting CDs and to make sure the presentation will play
correctly on the CD, execute "Play.bat" from "C:\Autorun". This is what
anyone using the CD will experience.
THIS IS WHERE THINGS START TO SCREW UP. Play.bat does 'nothing' and there
is also a shortcut to MSDOS with 'play' under it. Nothing happens when that
is clicked.

6.) Now write the contents of the "C:\Autorun" to a CD. Don't include the
Autorun folder just what is within it so that "Play.bat", "Autorun.inf", and
"Autorun.pif" are in the root of the CD.
AND THERE IS NO Autorun.pif

7.) Now when you put the CD into a computer that has autorun setup your
presentation will run automatically.

8.) To make another Autorun CD, delete the "C:\Autorun" directory along with
everything within it and repeat steps 1 through 7.

So maybe someone can confirm that it's winME that's not liking this.

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