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posted posted 04-10-2004 08:22

I need help. I am a self tought 3DS Max/Poser wannabe artist.

I am trying to learn textures and have found a few good tutes on textures, but most seem to assume
fair amount of basic knowledge.

I am trying to learn by texturing a game weapon model (I am making it for a poser character).
So far, the best results I can get texturing is by texturing FACES of the model.
I would like to think there is an easier way to do this, like doing a cylindrical texture on UVMAPPER template
but when I import my test texture into 3DS Max 4, whichever way I try to apply the map it does not fit.

Can someone please help?
The following link shows what I am trying to do;


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posted posted 04-10-2004 13:31

Max 4? I think this will help: Unwrap UVW 2.

If I remember correctly, Unwrap UVW was a plug Max 4 and not yet a Discreet thing. If you don't have Unwrap UVW in your modifier list, go find it to download!

Hey, go to , click on Max 4, and search for "unwrap". You will get a listing that includes Unwrap 1.1, Unwrap+ 1.2, and Unrapper. Man, I thought Unrapper was gone.

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