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Obsessive-Compulsive (I) Inmate

From: cheshire , england
Insane since: Jun 2003

posted posted 06-30-2003 13:26

hi there
im a n00b at this so ill keep it short


asus a7n8x deluxe (rev2.0)
512 kingston ram ddr (400)
radeon 9800 pro
Maxtor 80 gig sata hdd (7200 rpm)
pioneer dvd-rw 105 (primary master)
msi dvd rom (secondary slave)
Lian Li PC75 USB case (400 watt psu )
iilyama 17" tft monitor (crap for cs only 60 fps :0 )

ok im trying really i am to get an os namely xp pro onto my hard drive but after it has gone through the boot process on the cd it then tells me it cant find any storage devices ????

ive used maxblast 3 to try to get it to recognise but no joy

have any of you peeps got any ideas cause its starting to really get on ma tits

thanks in advance


Maniac (V) Mad Scientist with Finglongers

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posted posted 06-30-2003 13:47

ukjamie: I'll move this up to the main forum.


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