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Maniac (V) Inmate

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posted posted 11-01-2003 20:28


A little over a week ago, Amazon launched a new feature called "Search Inside the Book," a search method that lets customers search the contents of over 120,000 books, amounting to some 33 million book pages.

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Maniac (V) Mad Scientist with Finglongers

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posted posted 11-01-2003 20:44

NJ: Yeah I heard about that - it sound slike a useful feature if you were trying to track down a book by a quote or character but for the amount of effort it must invovle I can't see it really being worth their effort but if they want to do that then all power to their elbow

Here is there page on it:

[edit: Reading through it I'd be concerned that it might throw up a lot of useless results unless you were very careful as it would return every book that your keyword was mentioned in - I would imagine for most searches if it wasn't mentioned in your title and abstract its pos. not worth having in your results]


The Emperor dot org

Moon Shadow
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posted posted 11-01-2003 22:32

This feature is great, it is exactly what I need... but I won't use it. One need to be registered on Amazon to read the content of a book. And when I tried to register I got this :

"By publishers' agreement, we are pleased to offer customers with a valid credit card the ability to view copyrighted pages.
Your account will not be charged.
This one-time process enables you to view limited copyrighted material through our Search Inside the Book feature."

Haaaa... I'll receive my first credit card soon, but I why should provide informations about it if my account isn't charged ? I just don't like this. It is more or less "If you can pay, you can watch, otherwise get out..."

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Maniac (V) Inmate

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posted posted 11-01-2003 23:56

MS - I would assume that the reasoning would be that since they are providing you with this service to investigate the contents of a book, it is only fair that they expect someday you will buy a book from them....

Any which way, it's a cool feature =)

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