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We have a new ranking system, coupled to your 'randomized postcount'.
Basically, you start with the first rank, and each time you post, you
have a 1 in xxx chance of advancing a rank.
(Old Postcounts were imported by giving opportunities to ascend a rank as you had posts.
But remember, there is a random element to this. You might rack up a 1000 posts without ascending from neurotic to nervous wreck - but it's not very probable.)

Here are the ranks, and the chances you have of ascending to the next.
The roman numerals next to your rank in posts correspond to the number of the rank below.

  1. Neurotic (1 in 7 chance of advancing)
  2. Obsessive-Compulsive (1 in 49)
  3. Nervous Wreck (1 in 343)
  4. Bipolar (1 in 2401)
  5. Paranoid (1 in 16807)
  6. Maniac (1 in 117649)
  7. Lunatic (1 in 823543)
  8. Schizophrenic (1 in 5764801)
  9. Demented (1 in 40353607)
  10. Certifiably Insane (1 in 282475249)
  11. In Solitary Confinement (the final rank, for now)

Thanks to the laws of statistics, you can be certain that someone with Rank I (Neurotic) or II (obessive-compulsive) is rather new to the asylum, and you'll also fare well to assume that a Paranoid (V) or Maniac (VI) is an old timer (only one in 282475249 inmates will go from neurotic to Paranoid within the minimum 5 posts).

For more information please see New rankings?

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