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Here's a short introduction to the new system - more to follow soon!

How to preserve a thread:

If you think a thread is worth to be preserved, just click the "Preserve" link found in the left corner of the footer on every page and assign one or more keywords to it. Everything else will happen automatically when it doesn't receive a new reply for 45 days.

All the threads that didn't get a keyword will automatically be moved to The Sink after 45 days to keep the forums nice and clean. After being moved to The Sink, threads can still be preserved simply by assigning keywords to them. They'll then disapear by the next day via a cron job (or more accuratly, a TP daily bookmarks job).
You are encouraged to remove threads in the sink via 'delete' in the lower left corner if they don't have much content (for example, questions without answers, sig tests, etc).

->Tyberius Prime: I'd also suggest preserving inmate's first post. I always assign 'first post' and 'asylum history' for the keywords. It's nice to return to ones beginnings...

How to move, rename, lock, delete threads and rename or move FAQs:

At the bottom-left end of every page you'll find a link labelled "Admin" where all adminstrative things can be done.

Any more questions? Ask away.

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