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  • This is a todo list - for now we(=TP)'ll track the bugs and feature requests here, moving them to 'done' when they're... done.
    Feel free to add entries, but I'd appreciate it if I was the only one deleting and moving them.
    Thank you.
Todo (16 entries)
  • check the linkwords with quotes code. For google->Ozone Asylum
    Skaarjj: Strange that...i could have sworn I altered the original regex so it alternate path for quotes or no quotes. That seems to have vanished. I'll look into this one
    TP: it apperantly got dropped when the ubb code was removed. The new code is rather more complex than a quick regexps (but way more powerful), so I fear that'll take a night to fix. it's in ubblibrary.php.
  • when renaming a faq (modules/faq/adminpage) - the children's parent cache needs to be rebuilt - it apperantly isn't right now.
  • post deletion, with all the issues surrounding (who (users up till EditLimit minutes, admins), when, how logged, how reverted, what happens if multiple posts in a thread are being deleted (Answer: insert back by timestamp), can we add a quick 'revert' button to the admin log...)
  • replace all cookies with the new g_storeUserSetting() and g_retrieveUserSetting functions.
  • add abstract (use search abstract) to rsschanges.
    (possibly always add last post to abstract, maybe only for the rss changes, so people can easily keep up to date?)
  • Is it possible to change the value of the ids set to post_X_author ( where X is the number of a post ) to only X ? That way the "permalinks" to the posts are easier to find, and it'd rocks if the [ threadId ] UBB code could be extended to support the [ threadId#postNumber ] syntax. Ultimately the timestamp of the posts ( e.g.
    posted 08-05-2004 03:08 ) could be nested in a A to pick the permalink of each post.

    Actually the markup of a post begins with:

        <td class="field2 author_cell">
          <span id="post_17_author"><strong>

    To simplify the syntax of the "permalinks" to the posts the markup could be simply changed to

    <tr id="17">
        <td class="field2 author_cell">
          <span id="post_17_author"><strong>

  • Option to show signature once in a thread (e.g., when starting a thread or first reply.)
  • a. Add pages "1, 2, 3, 4 Next page" link to top of threads just as they are at the bottom of multi-page threads.
    b. Add pages "[1, 2, 3, 4, ...]" links to thread title in thread listing.
    c. don't do it if there are more than a hundred pages? See ->the sink.
    d. Ignore 'c' for thread lists like ->the sink. For thread titles, top/bottom of threads, good idea.
  • quote:

    Oh and there's a bug in the "advanced search" in the Javascript for expanding and collapsing the check box options. It has some issues when you use the back button, as most browsers will restore the previous state of the form elements, which means items previously checked are collapsed, causing them to work in the reverse order. So when you click it, it clears the check box but expands the nested options - and checking the box collapses them again. That needs to be changed to so that it queries the current "checked" state of the checkbox as to know if it should be expended or not, instead of assuming all of the boxes will be cleared to begin with.

  • ubb input box - replace buttons with block-a (to fight mac browser turning the buttons 'aqua' like and then not printing any text in 'em)
  • new grails don't register 'forgetaboutme'
  • set cookie by host header and not by prestored domain - will make work.
  • search changes as described in Searching the Asylum
    Actually this feature is more or less available in FireFox/Mozilla via a user script, thanks to GreaseMonkey : site-specific (DHTML) extension for Mozilla. The .user.js file is available here
  • Moon Shadow : it would be great to have more information in the RSS changes. Currently, only the url of the topic is displayed. Is it possible to have the first sentences of the last post displayed, as well as the name of the poster ?

    I believe we already have 'add abstracts to rsschanges' somewhere above this todo.
  • in the faq page admin, check the link to the admin log -- it's pointing to /adminLog instead of /adminlog
  • E-Mail notification of subscribed threads (or threads that I've posted in).
Done (16 entries)
  • added postcounts.
  • change adminlog, 'was promoted to' 'user was promoted to'
  • check the double post preventor: in " SmartTab - now with Mousewheel support" a double post occured anyhow.
    Skaarjj: it also happened in " ROFLAMO"
  • fix <title> on preserved threads to look like the title in the black row...
  • The following happens when adding, editing, and probably deleting a Todo.

    Notice: Undefined index: in /home/.anonkablender/docozone/ on line 1434
  • throw out recent changes, add profile link.
  • -new grail: rsschanges link throws some kind of error if rsschange module hasn\'t been installed yet
  • htmlpage/admin & create - check handling of htmlentities, especially in conjunktion with linkwords.
  • -email from (form) patient file feature.
  • Boldify "Login Options" text in left column of login form.
    Capitalize "Your User Name". (also "Add Entry", colon behind "Section Title" when we've got nothing else at all to do...)
  • adminLog non owning-user edits of posts.
  • When moving a thread without replying first, the parent forum isn't updated in the breadcrumbs - see FTP Help -k

    TP: I can't reproduce this - sure it was just not a fluke caching of the page?

    Ah, yup, when I look at it now it's fine. Hadn't thought of the cache possibility.
  • block bots from adminlog - master priority on that one, since links removed from a post still show up there.
  • reintroduce the display of the ML rank, create a ML listing page under the memberlist/special user pages.
  • fix asylum ring.
  • link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" href=""

    should be

    (look it up)
Rejected (7 entries)
  • Add "Login" link to the sublogo links.

    TP: - You never login here. You authenticate yourself when needed - and the asylum doesn't know who youare when it doesn't absolutly need it.
    I suspect what you want is the profile link, (which will of course first need your username and password to go to the right profile) - and that's already in the list serveral steps up.

    metahuman: A profile link is the next best thing to a front page login form, which is what I requested. It took me a good half-hour of searching for a login form and then I realized the lack of one. I suspect it will take new-to-Asylum registrants longer.
  • Implement private messaging.

    TP: Oh great, another place to check wether someone send me a message - oh wait, this is already covered by the email from patient file feature above...

    metahuman: So the Asylum doesn't know who you are when you're unneeded, yet the Googlebot is free to promote you, and we're not allowed a simple method of anonymous contact? Interesting...

    kuckus: aww come on... as TP said there will be a contact form in everyone's profile so there's really no need for this.

    metahuman: TP enabled messaging users via e-mail so this isn't a biggie any longer.
  • Add "no robots / no cache" option to new threads. Googlebot likes to index Asylum threads...

    TP: ??? What? Google is supposed to index those threads! Why would we want to do that?

    metahuman: You saw the 'option' word, right? Reason: if a thread starter includes an e-mail address in the initial message and Googlebot caches the thread, that e-mail address is collected by robots and memetically transmitted around the world (as far as e-mail harvesters go.)
  • Allow users to edit their own ancient messages.

    TP: That's a feature that has been explicitly decided against - there were serveral reasons, amongst them that you shouldn't be able to retract your words to easily (you can still ask a mod to remove them) and that being able to change your posts would require everyone to reread everything all the time.

    metahuman: No problem. I just wanted to remove an e-mail address from an old post because it was being attacked by robots...
  • Removing the \r characters in the [ code ] blocks ( and it shouldn\'t hurt to remove them completly in the whole posts ), to prevent the double new lines due to the \n and \r when pasting the code in an editor. Sorry I ( poi ) am picky.

    TP: Get a decent editor that can convert tthe different newlines standards on the fly - I won\'t be fiddeling with the code within [code] tags any more than I must - they should be presented just the way the user posted them (and some languages are very sensitive on the \r \n issues)
  • investigate the red/yellow pills issue. (->warmage is currently working on this one).

    TP: Well, we're all out of ideas. Rejected till some inspiration comes along.
  • set the login fields via javascript, instead of php to avoid the settings being cached after the grail forgot about you.

    Unfortunatly, with the new cookie structure, we won't be able to (easily) access this data from javascript.

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