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Maniac (V) Inmate

From: the Asylum ghetto
Insane since: Oct 2002

posted posted 04-18-2004 20:57

Wooohooo!! Happy Birthday Suho!!

i think we should all get a turn at zapping you! *wanders off mumbling "where did i see that cattle prod"*

Maniac (V) Inmate

From: under the bed
Insane since: Feb 2000

posted posted 04-18-2004 21:07


Happy birthday old man...

Hell with the cattle prod, I've got a full bathtub and a questionably wired radio over here......


Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate

From: The Pool Of Life
Insane since: Nov 2003

posted posted 04-18-2004 21:11

Best wishes Suho

:::tao::: ::cell::

Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: Berlin (almost)
Insane since: Dec 2001

posted posted 04-18-2004 21:13

Hope you have a good one, Suho, happy birthday

Tyberius Prime
Paranoid (IV) Mad Scientist with Finglongers

From: Germany
Insane since: Sep 2001

posted posted 04-18-2004 21:30

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear suho, happy birthday to you!

(long live copy&paste..., and suho1004 of course).

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Minnesota
Insane since: Jan 2001

posted posted 04-18-2004 22:30

Happy Birthday Suho... *gives you a milkbone.*

Sanity is optional... (and so is clothes!)

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Rinswind 2th
Maniac (V) Inmate

From: Den Haag: The Royal Residence
Insane since: Jul 2000

posted posted 04-18-2004 23:34

~wanders in with lots of wire and a small box whic says CCC..~
Suho the best gift i could think off was this former Sovjet portable power plant and some wire, just hook it up to your systems and you will never ever have some blackouts when treating us.


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Maniac (V) Inmate

From: Seoul, Korea
Insane since: Apr 2002

posted posted 04-19-2004 03:03

Thanks, everyone.

Dl: Old man, eh? What goes around comes around, you know.

Rinswind: I'll be putting that power plant to good use, I assure you. What a wonderful gift.

Suho: | Cell 270 | Sig Rotator | Keeper of the Juicy Bits

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

From: :morF
Insane since: May 2000

posted posted 04-19-2004 05:01

Happy Birthday to *zap*
Happy Birthday to *zap*
Happy Birthday dear *zap*
Happy Birthday to *zap*

Justice 4 Pat Richard

Maniac (V) Inmate

From: California
Insane since: Jul 2003

posted posted 04-19-2004 08:39

Um, what to say, what to say... ermm... hmmm... oh yeah, happy birthday!

*walks off mumbling to self and trips over the Third Rail*

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Greensboro, NC USA
Insane since: Jun 2002

posted posted 04-19-2004 22:25


(I know I'm a day late, but that's been the way of it this year. Can't remember anyone's birthday on the day itself for some reason... I probably need to set up some shock treatment time in your new Tower Power Station...)

Cell Sweet Cell

Maniac (V) Inmate

From: raht cheah
Insane since: Aug 2000

posted posted 04-19-2004 22:46

pssst! happy birthday.

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