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Kat Bambry
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posted posted 06-06-2004 23:23

Print Evolved have release their new software offering in the form of an online service (ASP).

The service automates business communications and print workflow.

A Print broker that joins the community receives an account to track their clients orders. They simply pass the template artwork to their printers or another printer on the print network. The printer uploads the template (Using Quark!). Once the template is online the brokers clients can place orders (Some brokers prefer to order in-house themselves).

A printer simply logs onto their web page and downloads their work. The files come off the web batched and paginated (crop marks etc.) according to the printers needs, in files of around 22KB! A mac operator imports these into quark express to create native print ready quark files.

Contact the service service providers at

To view the ordering process check out the corporate cards demo on the flagship site

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posted posted 06-09-2004 20:43

I wasn't too impressed with the Print Evolved site. nothing but a splash/contact page and a press release. True, press releases aren't supposed to be on the highest end of design, but if you're going to post something like that online at least make it readable because it's online which is a different format than plain old paper which releases used to be on for faxes and whatnot. I got tired of staring at the long lines on the screen and gave up.

The card corp site kinda turned me off, too. I like people using white space - I don't like people using it poorly. too many 'floating' elements and connections. the pages were not visually appealing to me. Might be a solution for some people, but if you want real quality work, you need to work with real people, not a process, and be willing to spend money for a professional's expertise.

But then, these are only business cards, so *shrug* - all depends on the purpose.

So we can advertise in these forums, then (as was the original post)?

Shaken, not spilled.

Kat Bambry
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Insane since: Jun 2004

posted posted 06-11-2004 14:18

I agree with you on the "professional's expertise" front If you need a brand esablishing or a complex brochure designing then these template (any templates) are not going to be enough.

As far as the design of the current site for Card Corporation it is only demo a site. Card Corporation is however going through a major rebrand and I'm excited about the way it's going to look. It'd be good to get your opinion on it nlynx, it'll be live at the end of June, at the lastest mid July. Please have a look then Its always good to get feedback. The current look hasn't been touched since 1998 :S. The new look will be sporting a nice, slick CSS much more proffesional than the current table based design.

As far as the process of Print Evolved is concerned one printer using their system is earning over £150K a month with it

I agree with you about the format of the press release and I have contacted them to voice our opinion. That should be tweaked in a week. They seem busy creating the brand at the moment as they've only just become a pure software provision company. It'll be a fortnight before the new look for the Print Evolved site is up apparently.

The above IS a shout out for my friends at Print Evolved. I ddn't intend for it to become a sales piece but I use the system and I've also helped develop bits by suggesting functional and design tweaks, so I'm kinda like feeling involved with it.

Please check out Card Corporation in July though!

By the way what is your proffesion nlynx? I'm a print broker/designer by trade (More broker than designer myself :P)

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