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Sup is one of the transliterations of Egyptian heiroglyphics which more commonly give us the name of Set (also Seth, Setekh, Setesh, Seti, Sutekh, Setech, Sutech)

Egyptian god of chaos who embodied the principle of hostility if not of outright evil. He was associated with foreign lands and was the adversary of the god Osiris. Seth was usually depicted in human form with a head of indeterminate origin, though said to resemble that of an aardvark


and as such are my ages long enemy. They have been arriving here in ones and twos so as not to alert me to their presence until the time has come but the Emperor sees all and knows all and nothing passes below m sight and I have marked them all for destruction and I will tear down their temple and destroy Suho their High Priest with his own strange powers of Lectricity!!!

You want more evidence?? From various interpretations form the Egyptian Book of the Dead (and some things I made up):

we find him declaring that he is Set who "letteth loose the storm-clouds and the thunder in the horizon of heaven"


A statement in Plutarch's De Iside et Osiride ( 62), informs us that Typhon was called Seth, and Bebo, and Smy, "all of them words of one common import, and expressing certain violent and forcible restraint and withholding, as likewise contrariety and subversion; we are, moreoever, informed by Manetho that the lodestone is by the Egyptians called the 'bone of Horus,' as iron is, the 'bone of Typho.'" This information is of considerable interest, for it makes the identity of Set and Typhon certain, and it is, moreover, supported by the evidence of the inscriptions. The name Seth is, of course, Set; Bebo is the Egyptian, Baba and Smy is Smai, the well-known Egyptian name for Set as the Arch-Fiend. The associates of Set were called Smaiu, and the determinative, shows that the idea of "violence" was implied in the name. That iron was connected with Set or Typhon is quite clear from the passage quoted by Dr. Brugsch in which Thoth is said to have obtained from Set the knife with which he cut up the bull.

It has been said above that the serpent and the Set animal were the common symbols of Set, but instances are known I which he is represented in the form of a man, wearing a beard and a tail, and holding the usual symbols of divinity.



What was this combat? It was the combat which took place on the day when Horus fought with Set, during which Set threw filth in the face of Horus, and Horus crushed the genitals of Set. The filling of the utchat Thoth performed with his own fingers. "I remove the thunder-cloud from the sky when there is a storm with thunder and lightning therein."
What is this? "This storm was the raging of Ra at the thunder-cloud which [Set] sent forth against the Right Eye of Ra (the Sun).


Storms, iron (which is a good conductor), a serpent (like the jaggedy bolts of Lectricity??) - all signs of the Lectricity!! Also Suho has a beard (and a tale, probably) just like Set!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh the Supist spread their pernicious falsehoods -view their Book of Lies and chuckle:

The truth about Sup

They suck you in with semi-plausible pseudo-hippy talk and then all of a sudden you are giving all your worldly goods to the High Priest (because Suppists look Up possessions are looking Down and 'Down' is bad) and then you find yourself working on the farms and your women folk because Brides of Sup and go and live in the big house with the High Priest (and there is talk of the strange sexual perversions he enjoys) and the next generation don't seem to look quite like you. As "The Only Way is Sup" the ultimate in looking Up is by shedding your physical bodies and transcending this mortal world and all of a sudden you are hiding in your compound in a shootout with the government or being given strange tasting Kool Aid in some South American redoubt as 'The Man' closes in on you.

You need to make a stand now and stop your love ones from joining and then we take the Holy War to them!!!!!

Q: "What's up?"

A: "Your time on earth Supist filth!!!!"

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