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IP logged posted posted 06-30-2004 00:02 Edit Quote

So, I see an ad looking for a 'web developer' with list of skills:
DHTML, ASP, Windows 2k Server, MS SQL, etc.

I write up a quick (but professional) 'cover letter' email, attach the appropriate pdf resume, and fire it off. I get a response back from the HR lady which reads, "This position requires knowledge of DHTML. This experience is not on your resume."...blah blah blah.

Thing is, my resume clearly lists under 'core competencies':
JavaScript/ECMA Script
Document Object Model

You know, and I know, that DHTML is nothing but an old name for the interworkings of these technologies. The poor HR lady did not know that. Because the HR lady does not understand the lingo behind the jobs for which she is recruiting, I will likely not get an interview.

I'm not bitching. It's my fault and I know it.
Just a little advice to all of you, writing your resumes...

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: France
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IP logged posted posted 06-30-2004 00:11 Edit Quote

mobrul: That sort of thing happen everyday. The HR people rarelly know the skills they are asked for.
Actually, I see in your story an occasion to send her a mail to explain in polite words what DHTML is and that your are skilled in DHTML. That way, you would hit 2 birds with one stones by stressing your "technical background" and showing her that you are motivated by the position.

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IP logged posted posted 06-30-2004 00:33 Edit Quote

The poster has demanded we remove all his contributions, less he takes legal action.
We have done so.
Now Tyberius Prime expects him to start complaining that we removed his 'free speech' since this message will replace all of his posts, past and future.
Don't follow his example - seek real life help first.

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