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posted posted 08-12-2004 16:19

I used to install PHPDev on my computer.
I need to know how to use/get MYSQL databases. Shouldnt they come with the phpdev package? Anyway
help on this would be HIGHY appreciated.
One more thing how do i install a cpanel? Or is it already installed?
Thank You In Advance this is a major issue since my site has to be up and running with in a week or two for a debut
thank you a bunch guys

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posted posted 08-12-2004 17:46

anybody out there? please help me. do u guys know of anytuts that i can find on how to utilize the cPanel and mySQL? thanx guys

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posted posted 08-12-2004 18:01

{edit - I misread some bits..

1) You may want to wait more than an hour and half before getting edgy about reponses. It's not unusual to go a day before getting a reply...

2) I don't know what is included with PHPDev. Looking through their site, and using their forum would be the best way to get the help you need.

3) Generally speaking, you need to set up your databse using either some sort of command line environment, entering the SQL commands directly, or using some sort of gui-like software to interact with the database, like PHPMyAdmin.

I would have to guess that there is thorough doucmentation to go along with PHPDev.

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posted posted 08-12-2004 18:04

all i see is a period
*edit*sorry there DL

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posted posted 08-12-2004 18:30

Does anybody here that knows about PHPDEV have AIM or MSN?
My aim is xdesiballeronex
my msn is

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posted posted 08-12-2004 18:55

You need a site up in a hurry and you're choosing to host it on your PC without ever know how to setup a web server before?

Sounds like a ideal way to turn your hair grey.

PHPDev should install with MySQL already setup. If I remember correctly, the recent versions come with a munch of pr-installed PHP apps like the invision forum and a PHP Nuke like app, both of which use MySQL, so if you can view them from the PHPDev Start Page (the one that load when you start up PHPDev), everything should be working. If you can't, you'll need to refer to the PHPDev site for help. Chances are someone has already had a similar problem to you and a solution has been posted in an FAQ or in the Forums there somewhere.

If everything appears to be running, then you can simply use PHPMyAdmin to access your database(s). From memory (it's been a little while since I've used PHPDev) you don't get a windows client for PHPMyAdmin, but the browser based client should be linked too from your localhost index page (the default index page setup when you first install PHPDev).

CPanel does not come with PHPDev. AFAIK, its a tool used to adminster shared web hosting and the like. I honestly can't see why you'd want to install that on your personal computer.

Correct me if I'm wrong. But you come across as someone who hasn't done any or much of this kind of stuff before. If that's the case and this 2 week deadline is really important to you then I strongly suggest you go pay for profesional web hosting. It's not that expensive and it's so much less hassel. is a webhost many of the asylum members (including this very site) use.

Besides, PHPDev is designed for Offline Development and as it states this the website. It should not be considered safe, stable or secure for live hosting. Configuring and securing a webserver is, at laest form what I've heard, a complex and difficult process. That's why most of us use professional webhosts.

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posted posted 08-12-2004 19:12

edit: Cameron got in right afore me and addressed alot of the things i feared going into thanks

Assuming you have installed phpdev and have started the services, All you need to do is open IE and go to http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/index.php
and create your database.

There is a million questions I could fire at you regarding this but (at the risk of sounding a bit condescending) I fear the millions of questions you'll be firing right back.

If you have any knowledge of what your asking for here I'd be willing to help you out. But if this is a start from scratch learning experience for you. I would ask that you hop over to and read their tutorial and forum. This would save us both until you get familiar with it
as all i'm gonna do is regurgitate what information already exists.

1. phpmyadmin comes with phpdev already so use it to create your databases
2. If you get rolling with it and get stuck I'd suggest checkin in their forum
first as every single person new to php and mysql has posted every single problem and scenario your likely to run into
3. all else fails I'll check back here in a while but be prepared to answer some questions

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posted posted 08-12-2004 21:09

when i went to that link u gave me for phpmy admin i got a 404 error...andd im a noob so please if u have aim or MSN please aim me at xdesiballeronex or msn im me @ and yes im here and prepared to answer questions lol

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posted posted 08-12-2004 22:57

Again - if you're looking for help with a specific package, it makes a whole lot more sense to use the help available directly from them -

I'm afraid what you're asking here is way too broad to give any good reply to, and there are so many basic level things that it would appear need to be addressed before anyone can get into specifics.

With a 2 week deadline, it seems a bit futile to start learning how to set up a webserver with databases from scratch, plus build a website that utilizes the database.

Perhaps a re-thinking is in order, or at least fill us in on what you actually need to accomplish and why, so that alternatives can be suggested...?

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From: :morF
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posted posted 08-13-2004 00:43

In order to have PHPMyAdmin oyu need to copy the %PHPDev_Install_Dir%/PHPMyAdmin directory to %PHPDev_Install_Dir%/www then it will be able to be loaded from the browser.

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Insane since: Aug 2004

posted posted 08-13-2004 01:33

umm thanx guys i think i have it sorted

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posted posted 08-13-2004 12:56

Moving to the server-side forum so in case this gets preserved it makes it into the right archive...

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