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posted posted 08-16-2004 17:06

I am importing a .jpg image into CorelDraw, the resolution is 300. When I import this image into CorelDraw:

1. Even though the image is basically 1 inch x 1.5 inches it comes in at a huge size that I must shrink down, why is it coming in so large? It is hard to estimate the correct size, this is causing my image to be pixaly.

2. Even though the image is 300 resolution it comes in at 96 dpi and when I go to print, the program is showing me an error message that it has a really low dpi, why?

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posted posted 08-16-2004 23:42

Sorry I have never used CorelDraw so can't really help. Hopefully someone else may have a better idea.

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posted posted 08-17-2004 17:14

I`ve never used Corel, but in another image editing program, it would appear huge (definition needed here), because the 1 inch wide image is 300 pixels wide. The loss of resolution may be a result of the down-sizing process you`re using..Not really sure without more details (or a Corel user).

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posted posted 08-17-2004 18:33

I find you question a little confusing. CorelDraw is a drawing program like Illustrator or Freehand. Are you trying to import the .jpg file to use as a background? You will not be able to manipulate it in CorelDraw (other than to size it). You would be better off importing it into PhotoShop or CorelPaint. Making any changes you want to there, save to a new file and then import that into CorelDraw. You also may want to convert the image to EPS before importing it to Corel. It's been a while since I've used CorelDraw, but it seems to me that it works better with EPS (or TIFF) than other raster formats.

You need to know what your intended output is going to be before you start. If you will be printing the image than 150 to 300 dpi should be sufficient, but the image will be huge and CorelDraw will render it pixelated. You will need to print the image to see what it will look like in the final print.

If you are creating an image for presentation on the screen, then re-sample you image at 72dpi before importing to Corel. If you are creating an image for presentation on the computer screen, it seems to me you would be better off using PhotoShop or CorelPaint any way.

It has been a while since I used Corel and so my advise may not be the best, but if you want to ask more questions, you will need to give us more information about what you are trying to do.

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posted posted 08-18-2004 01:50

I provided an answer in the print form for this, perhap someone should kill one of the thread...

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posted posted 08-21-2004 07:21

... hmm CorelDraw... ... ... nope never used!! Now if it was Corel Bryce or Painter that's a different story!

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posted posted 08-21-2004 17:41

For starters, it is Photopaint, not Corelpaint (unless there is software i wasn't aware it existed :P -a for anyone, the paintin program is Corel Painter).

If you don't get the correct size when you import, you can resize it manually to the dimensions you want. And don't worry much if it looks pixelated... Corel Draw does not render correctly the bitmaps on screen.

(to be honest, this applies to Draw! 9 and 10, but version 11 will doubtfully change such behaviour)

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