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IP logged posted posted 10-10-2004 22:12 Edit Quote

Having a problem with this website Bioware displaying correctly in my Firefox Preview 1.0 edition. NOrmally, the background is black...and it is showing up as white in my display. Also, some graphics are not displaying (some, not all), and some things are scrunched together.

This happened about a week ago, and since then, nothing I do seems to fix it. In IE it all displays fine.

Can somebody else, with Firefox Preview 1.0 check it out, and see if they are getting the same thing?

And if so, what can possibly be wrong with my Firefox? I have already re-installed, etc.

Also, in IE, the Ozone Asylum logo shows up just fine, but in Firefox it does not. What gives?

Ok, found the problem - I erased the entire cache, and now everything is working fine...strange.

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IP logged posted posted 10-13-2004 01:16 Edit Quote

Even tho you seem to have handled the problem I took a second to check it out for myself and everything is working great.

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IP logged posted posted 10-15-2004 23:12 Edit Quote

Sooo... despite the fact that you knew the error had been corrected, and that it did in fact appear for only this one person, and that is one person, having found a solution, had already posted it, you took the time to inform it that you couldn't reproduce it? Uhhh.... why?

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