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Hi guys
I need some help here quick like. I'm making a simple keyboard simulator thing. The idea is that I have these buttons on the screen that correspond to a paritcular tone. when I click on a button it sets the tone corresponding to that button to be ON. I then click a PLAY button and it plays the tones in order corresponding to the buttons that are in the ON position. I need some help on this, so any form of smaple code or snippets woudl be greatly welcomed

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No need to shout

First, I think you should put a RECORD button in your interface to notice the users when the application is recording their melodies. Once the record button is pressed you must set a variable with the current timestamp, then whenever a key of the virtual keyboard is pressed you must append the value of key and the time ( current timestamp - timestamp when the record button have been pressed ). Then when the user hits the PLAY button, you have to read the list of keys and timestamp differences to replay the notes.

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