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posted posted 11-04-2004 04:56

I am planning to pick up Photoshop from paint shop pro.
What do you think?

(Edited by Suvee on 11-04-2004 05:08)

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posted posted 11-04-2004 18:46


White Hawk
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posted posted 11-04-2004 19:49

You'll love PS - it rocks.

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posted posted 11-04-2004 21:24

Sorry! I don't understand. Are you getting PhotoShop after having been using PaintShop or are you getting PaintShop from jasc?

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posted posted 11-05-2004 06:49

I believe what Suvee means is to lean PS through PSP... frankly I think that's absurd! I mean PSP is nice and has alot of PS type tools and features but the algorithms are totally different. I made a jewel in PS once and then tried to make it exactly the same in Fireworks... let me tell you this the difference was unbelievable! The PS jewel was smooth and just BEAUTIFUL! And the FW jewel was just disgusting although I tried to make it as similar as possible still it was very dull and blant and it took me alot of time to get it looking and where close to the PS one while in PS it just took a little tinkering in the Layer Styles.

I think PSP will be more PS like than FW but still PS is PS no competition! I've only used PSP once or twice and didn't like it being a PS fanatic! Still even though I do think it's weird you could try; the features are quite similar.

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