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Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

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posted posted 11-18-2004 06:55

CIA memo urging spies to support Bush provokes furore

You will remember that I said awas back, that intelligence is data, that gets filtered, right? Well, looks like Mr. Bush is getting his "data" filtered into an easy-to-read form (for him)

According to one intelligence source, the "president's daily brief", which the CIA delivers each morning, has already been "watered down" with the removal of controversial analysis about the counter-insurgency in Iraq or the "global war on terror".

That is the single most dangerous thing I have read in a long time.

And this is just plain ridiculous

"The administration doesn't seem to be able to come to grips with the reality that it was a stupid thing to do to invade Iraq... If it goes too far like this into the political realm our fortunes overseas are going to be hurt."

Mr Goss, a Bush appointee, is seeking to use the CIA's counterintelligence department to weed out leakers to the press, a controversial move that has triggered resignations by senior staff who argued it was an inappropriate use of the agency's mole hunters.

The function of the CIA is to bring critical information and analysis of such to the President's attention. It is NOT to give him that which he wants to hear, and it is certainly not meant to be used to seek and root out those who disagree.

When the head of counterintelligence - whose name cannot be published under US law - refused to pursue the leakers last week, the No 2 in the directorate of operations, Michael Sulick, was ordered to fire her, according to well-informed sources.

When he refused, his boss, Stephen Kappes, was ordered to step in. Mr Kappes refused and after a weekend showdown both he and Mr Sulick resigned on Monday.

Mr Kappes's departure was widely described as a serious loss."Kappes was a fine officer and he had done a lot of hard things in a lot of nasty places in the world. It's a shame to see him go," Mr Scheuer said.

He argued there should be a staff shakeout at the CIA but said the purge was aimed in the wrong direction - targeting dissidents rather than risk-averse leaders.

The 52-year-old former agent blamed some of the turmoil at the CIA on the abrupt management style of Mr Goss's new team. "There's nothing wrong with being a little bit gruff and a bit abrasive but I've heard these people have been real bastards," he said.

But another former agent, Robert Baer, argued that Mr Goss had no choice but to stop the leaks. "You can't have an intelligence agency operating in the open, writing books and leaking to the press. They lost the confidence of the president," he said.

He argued the CIA in its present state was "dysfunctional".

"Give Goss six months and see what he does. It could be a lot worse, or it could be a lot better," he said.

Getting rid of good men and women, who have repeatedly put it on the line and have actively been out there on the front(s), is IMHO a very dangerous and reckless thing. And leaving the US at this time, with a 6 month gap in good intel is a very, very dangerous thing, indeed.

Well, there is always the NSA.

When it comes to screwing up, Mr. Bush is re-writing the book anew, it seems.

And let me just add this - Iran got nuke design from Pakistan I alwas was uneasy about the US - Pakistan "co-operation", and this just supports what I have been saying all along.

Diplomats in Vienna who follow the IAEA, the United Nations' nuclear watchdog, say the NCRI has been the best source of information on Tehran's undeclared nuclear programme.

The NCRI, like Washington, accuses the Iranian government of secretly developing atomic weapons. Tehran dismisses this allegation, insisting its nuclear programme is peaceful.

The NCRI is the political wing of the exiled group known as the People's Mujahideen Organisation. Both are listed by the US State Department as terrorist organisations.

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posted posted 11-18-2004 10:12
filtered into an easy-to-read form (for him)

That would, I assume, be your basic Dick & Jane reader...'Look see Spot Run."

It begs the question: Do you think if he got the real goods he might have made other decisions?

I'd like to think so... but I really don't believe so. I think the man's a fucking idiot..plane and oh so simple.

What's the line?? If he had half a brain he'd be dangerous... And well I think that pretty much explains everything.

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

From: Happy Hunting Grounds...
Insane since: Mar 2001

posted posted 11-18-2004 13:43

The funciton of the Intelligence community is one of National Security. And a part of that, is doing their best to give accurate information to those who need it (like the President). There is so much data (information) however, that it must be filtered by various processes. And an Admionistration sets the "tone" if you will, for such. But a blatant censorship of information, because it might disagree with the current Administrations policies, or ideals, etc is inheritently dangerous, and in a time of War, simply insane.

Combine that with a hunting down and punishing of those who actually filter the data, and have to pass on information that provides evidence that disagrees with the Administrations views especially in the times we now find ourselves in, is beyond my ability to describe.

It goes beyond hysteria. It is a systematic method that is intentionally being used to make certain that whatever the current Administration says or does, will NOT be contradicted with contrary information, or with evidence that the Administration was informed to the contrary.

And that is not only dangerous, but scary. Scares the living hell right out of me.

Maniac (V) Inmate

From: Sthlm, Sweden
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posted posted 11-18-2004 14:18

It sort of validates the statement that CIA and Intelligence cannot be used in the same sentence without a negating word in it...

I'm 100% with you on this WS, how is a person supposed to make informed desicions if he's not informed?
It doesn't matter if I like Bush or not, he is the appointed leader and should be getting unbiased information to base his desicions on. Making it biased he can do himself...


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posted posted 11-18-2004 14:27

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