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posted posted 11-28-2004 17:37

Need some help on this one… when I go into to fight my case I need to make sure my facts are straight. Here is the situation:

1. Created a poster in PS – all high res graphics. All text was set in Quark – too keep it vector based
and crisp.
2. I saved the file out of Quark as a high res PDF& EPS
3. Went to pick up finished product the image looked fine but the text was VERY rasterized.
4. I questioned product. The owner of the shop went and opened my file (don’t know as of yet what program
he was using) and said that my files were at 72 DPI and the PDF was in greyscale, the EPS was in color but
was also 72 DPI (?)

Here is the scoop...
when I got home, I checked the file in acrobat and of course when enlarged fully the texts looked fine – no problems.

It has been my experience that when you open Acrobat files in PS you are prompted with the properties box that asks you how you want to open the file – ex: width, height & resolution. If the user does not specify the output at this point – the standard will be set right then and there. When I opened the file at home, I noticed that it wanted to default to grayscale & 72DPI – ALL I had to do was change the settings to output at the proper resolution. The original acrobat file when opened in acrobat was set correctly – I think when they opened it up in PS it defaulted to the incorrect settings. Am I missing something? Is this not the case – you have to set your output. I would expect my graphics to suffer NOT my text. Very confused – any insight on this???

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posted posted 11-28-2004 22:13

What was the resolution of your work?

You say "high", but without numbers it's pretty subjective. A 72 dpi image that is big will look crisp and sharp on a monitor, but printing it will give lesser results.

If you can show what resolution you saved it in, it would further your case.

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