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Pimms One
Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: Australia
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posted posted 12-01-2004 06:01

I have a JSP page that shows the web directory and some documents in it. The documents type include PDF, Word, and NRL file. When I click on PDF or Word file, Windows Explorer knows to invoke Acrobat and MS Word. NRL is a iManage Document Management file which when I click opens up as txt in browser. What do I need to do in my JSP page to solve this problem so that when a user click on a NRL file, it will use NRL.EXE (This program comes with iManage) to open it.

Thank you.

Tyberius Prime
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From: Germany
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posted posted 12-01-2004 07:54

this is gonna be a tad bit hard. Try to find out what mime type windows has registered for your NRL files, and then send that out from your web server. (Explorer,extras,folder options,file types, nevermind, can't find it there right now though it used to be there a couple of windowses back).

so long,

->Tyberius Prime

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