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posted posted 12-01-2004 22:03

Hi Gang,

Look at this piece of code


$content="Persons Name". $name . "E-mail " . $email . "phone ". $phone;
mail ("", "new contact", "$content");
echo "$content";
echo "We will get back to you";

Firstly my submit button is a flash object that links to "javascript:document.form1.submit()".

Whenever I hit 'submit', I get no e-mail, and no echos. If I take away the "if" statement, it e-mails me like crazy (they're all blank of course".

How can I make my submit button work!!



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posted posted 12-01-2004 22:40

Quite simple actually...
this: if(isset($_POST['submit']))
looks for an element named submit that is passed from the form in the html page.
If you don't have that, you will never enter that if() clause.
Either change it to a normal submit button or test on something else.

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