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SmartStart is a little windows application that quickly searchs through your folders and bookmarks and so on to let you start what you want within the blink of an eye (and half a dozen key strokes).

Basically, you have an input box, and a result list (limited to 7 elements). You type in something quick, then when it's selected, you hit 'enter'.

You'll find SmartStart at http://smarttab.org/files/SmartStart.exe. It'll create a SmartStart.txt the first time you start it, which you then can use to configure it. Simply start it again after you've changed the configuration file - it'll reload the configuration file.

Once you have it running, hit Control + Windows + Tab to display it. Escape to hide it again.
Searching is easy. Every word you type has to occur somewhere in a result for it to be found. If you want to exclude some results, type a '-' in front of your word.

SmartStart also supports the same color command options as SmartTab

Feedback, Bug Reports, and everything is always welcome - just use the email form in my profile ->Tyberius Prime.

here's a quick screenshot.

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