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Maniac (V) Inmate

From: Cell 53, East Wing
Insane since: Jul 2001

posted posted 06-08-2005 16:51


The Emperor dot org | Justice for Pat Richard | FAQs: Emperor | Site Reviews | Reception Room

if I went 'round saying I was an Emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Florida
Insane since: Mar 2005

posted posted 06-08-2005 18:06

that's really mesmerizing

Obsessive-Compulsive (I) Inmate

From: Here, there and everywhere
Insane since: May 2005

posted posted 06-08-2005 18:20

that's really strange

this post will self-destruct in 10...

Maniac (V) Inmate

From: The Land of one Headlight on.
Insane since: May 2001

posted posted 06-08-2005 18:32

I like the sound of the bass string. Bit of work to get the drums going but I don't need the mice. Our cats bring in enough. =)

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