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posted posted 06-17-2005 14:42


i just want to ask how do i prevent JComboBox in the JFileChooser from, going up to the next folder, but i can go to the subfolder of the defaulth path... example
my default path is C:\Temp\data, i can go to the subfolders of C:\Temp\data,
but i cannot go upward like C:\Temp or C:\, in this case if the user goes up,
the JComboBox will force to set the defaulth path.

here are some of the codes...

public void load()
cJComboBox.addActionListener( this );

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent pEvent)
Object mSourceObj = pEvent.getSource();
if (mSourceObj.equals(cJComboBox))

private void comboboxChanged()
String mlen = cJComboBox.getSelectedItem().toString();

if (currentPath.startsWith(defaultPath))
} else {
setCurrentDirectory(new File(defaulthPath)); // im trying to force the JComboBox to return to defaulth path... if the user goes up....

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posted posted 06-20-2005 05:17

This is an interesting problem, and you will have to work on a solution for this one because it is a non-standard problem.

I would check here

Also look at the example. The file chooser is really not a robust widget. You might want to dig down into the source code for the widget itself to see if you can get a handle on how it work. The JFileChooser extents JCompontent so it must do a whole lot of stuff on its own.

This type of problem might take a while to figure out if the FileFilter doens't work for you.

Good luck.

Dan @ Code Town

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