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My company is looking for a full time web developer to work as a member of a larger development team. You would be working with a graphic designer, sever-side developers and others to develope web applications both large and small.

Required Skills:

- JavaScript
- Knowledge of layouts, design and usability

We are looking for someone with a strong knowedge of AJAX, and how to design AJAX applications using different frameworks such as Prototype or Dojo. Knowledge of Flash/Flex would be considered a plus.

We have offices in Rochester, NY and in Wilton, Connecticut. Our employees in the Tri-State area tend to be telecommuters. We would like to hire from either the Rochester or NYC area but applicants from outside this area will be considered.

If you are interested in this type of position please send your resume to Including links to personal projects that show your use AJAX or Flex techniques would be a plus. If you have any other questions about the position please feel free to send an email to the same address.


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