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IP logged posted posted 05-14-2006 07:45 Edit Quote

This is always the plce where I get the best answers, so let's try this one.

My site is entirely driven my dynamic content - articles served up from a database, generated on-the-fly when you click a link.

Search Engines tend to ignore URLs that have a "?" in them.

So, at the bottom of each page, I have a link to "StaticContent.htm"

StaticContent.HTM has a complete list of my articles with non-query links ("this.htm").

This.htm is a static copy of my article - minus any formatting. And at the VERY BOTTOM, after dumping all the content of the article, there is a Response.Redirect that takes you to the dynamic content, with it's query string with the "?"

My question is, I know the search engines will ignore the response.redirect, but will it keep the article content it found in the static HTM and index that? Visitors that then hit that static article get "response.Redirect"ed to my dynamic content just like I want.

But will the search engines index my articles as they find them in the static link?


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Honestly, this is bad practice, and looks so much like a doorway page that it probably will not get your page indexed.

You Do Not Server Different Content For Searchengines.

What makes you believe that a spider wouldn't follow Response.Redirct - that's a serverbased ASP call, isn't it?
No reason a spider couldn't follow it - and ignore your page because it has to many ?querystring parameters.

Not to mention, that if it does follow the link, it is likely to discover that both pages have the same content - that usually gives a minus as well on search engines.

The real answer to your problem is urlrewriting - something that's easily done on apache, but I have no experience with it under IIS ;(.
Ie. /something/1234 internally becomes somepage.asp?id=1234 - but the first is all the world ever sees.

So long,

->Tyberius Prime

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IP logged posted posted 05-14-2006 19:34 Edit Quote

Or an open-source version available for download here, although I have never worked with this one.


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This is becoming a bit of a myth at this point. Most search engines will follow dynamic urls now. (Though URL rewriting is still a good practice for some other reasons).

Tips for Seach Engine URLs

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