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IP logged posted posted 05-16-2006 19:08 Edit Quote

And it's only in beta. Due tomorrow.

It should degrade on old gpus, but is essentially made for glsl through OpenGL2.0. It uses glut and fmod.
It's in "last tuning" mode, so crits are welcome.

It's the first sneak preview at something big I am preparing, and... the shaders are in plain text.

Oh, and if it crashes, shout.
(should work on loads of platforms, but has been tested only on ATI 9600+)

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IP logged posted posted 05-18-2006 21:11 Edit Quote

Works fine on my Athlon 3200+ nVidia 6800 GT, win XP. It would be nice if clicking on it paused it.

Oh, and interference++

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IP logged posted posted 08-14-2006 11:57 Edit Quote

Hi , I want to download openGL 2.0 to use framebuffer extensions , I have OpenGL version 1.5 which does not support these extensions. When I execute glewinfo (from glew-1.3.3 / glew-1.3.4), in the log file I get extensions like glGenFramebufferEXT Missing. I want to get OpenGL32.lib which is from OpenGL2.0, please tell me where I can get that one,


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IP logged posted posted 03-09-2012 09:25 Edit Quote

Such a very amazing link!
Thanks you for the post.
[TP: spam removed]

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