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Date of Arrival
28th of June 2006
Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate
Current Location
Portland Oregon
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Additional Information

I'm not really a programmer and never even used a computer until two years ago. I need help.

I used to race downhill mountain bikes until someone gave me an old computer.

that's me a few years ago at ski plattekill in NY. I got go riding this weekend.

I'm a self employed contractor so I never had any real reason to learn computers. The last time I dealt with them was during college and it was GoSub this and GoSub that and people who cheered at a teletype. I wish I hadn't been turned off by the strange little boxes. I'm finding the creative process to be quite fun. Oh yeah, I'm also a self taught artist, but everyone is an artist anyway. Thanks for your interest and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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