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Paranoid (IV) Mad Librarian

From: Glieberlermany
Insane since: Dec 2001

posted posted 07-26-2006 13:39

I'm looking for a place that allows me to register a .cc domain for small money. In this case it would be a transfer of an existing domain, away from GoDaddy if there are others who charge less than $20/yr. All I really need is way to change the DNS information so I can have the domain point to my web server or to a Dreamhost account... not necessarily all that 'mail accounts and hosting for free!' stuff GoDaddy throws in.

Anybody have a favorite registrar who does .cc?

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: cEll 513, west wing of the ninth plain
Insane since: Dec 2000

posted posted 07-27-2006 04:25

off topic but this is in the related field .. I don't know how many of you know of this but you can get yourself a year of hosting for $9 bucks at with the code "777" .. fyi

.::. cEll .::. 513

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