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Radical Rob
Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: Lost Angeles Kalifornia, via Hawaii....
Insane since: Jun 2001

IP logged posted posted 10-18-2006 02:25 Edit Quote

Hey inmates when in doubt come here right!
Ok, I've been using Quark 7 since it's been out and I've just ran into something that I've never seen before. I have a bunch of EPS
files in my document and now they are all greyed out with Postscript Image over it. Thing is, it used to work fine. Our admin just
redid our server so we ended up having to copy files directly to our desktops.

I'm on a G5 and dont have a clue what to do from this point on. Its a calander that I'm working on and there are about 60 different inamges
in the document .

thanks guys!

Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate

From: I'm over here, now
Insane since: Jul 2006

IP logged posted posted 10-18-2006 06:19 Edit Quote

A few dozen things spring to mind Rob. (just kidding, but seriously several)

First things first, you haven't by chance upgraded to Tiger recently have you?
We had HELL with the upgrade, our naming regiment included ".this.that" and the unix based OS tripped out on it. So first, if the eps files don't have the .eps extension put it on them.

Since I'm sure you know the eps files WERE saved with previews we'll eliminate that. (unless of course the eps files were saved with previews not compatible with the mac)

Which brings us to memory issues and Quark Preference issues.

Quark Prefs first----------

1) In 7 you have a pref specifically for EPS Previews... It can be set to use the embedded preview OR to Generate its own. (Preferences>Application>EPS)

2)In --Preferences>Application>Full Res Preview-- Insure that the "Disable Full Res preview on open" checkbox is UNCHECKED
Also in here as a general rule I change the cache limit from the default 400 MB to 1200 MB on all of our layout machines.

3) In ---Preferences>Layout>General--- insure "greek pictures" is UNCHECKED

Memory issues-------

1) You stated that there are about 60 different images... that could make for a healthy workload for the quark engine so you may have to increase your memory allocation for Quark. (Generally I just up it to an astronomical number apon installation)

2)The cache thing from the other #2

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Radical Rob
Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: Lost Angeles Kalifornia, via Hawaii....
Insane since: Jun 2001

IP logged posted posted 10-18-2006 18:37 Edit Quote

Thanks loj...

First off, I'm a complete MAC newbie so the OS thats running is 10.4.8 (I have no clue what tiger, panther , leopard, cheetah, is.. :-)

I've set all prefs as you specified and no change. The wierd thing is that it was workng fine before we changed our server name and I had to update all image locations.

We've got 4 gigs in each of our systems, not sure how to increase Quark memory.

I'll fiddle with it most of today as this calander needs to be sent off Friday for Noc.

Oh god... ok so here's what I ended up doing. I had to go into each image and re-import the same eps. And for some reason it worked fine now. GRRR....

I don't understand why companies dont let you drink on the job... :-)

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