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Paranoid (IV) Mad Scientist

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IP logged posted posted 05-31-2007 20:29 Edit Quote

How do you turn off hyphenation in Quark? My girlfriend got used to PageMaker and can't remember how to get it turned off.

Edit: Let me clarify. I have figured out how to turn it off by default, but what if I have an existing document where it is turned on? Changing the setting doesn't seem to do anything.


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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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IP logged posted posted 06-03-2007 07:17 Edit Quote

1) Open the document

2) Edit --> H&J ... <list of algorithms>
3) select each algorithm
4) from the dialog click Edit
5) Turn off Auto hyphenation
6) repeat at 3) as necessary.

Let us know if that works.


-- not necessarily stoned... just beautiful.

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