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posted posted 07-15-2007 16:52

As a university assistant at the University of Vienna ...blablabla


As aN university assistant at the University of Vienna ...blablabla

thx in advance

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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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posted posted 07-15-2007 17:47

"As a..."

Its mostly a phonetic thing - if you said "an unbreakable window," it would be correct, but because the "u" in "university" is pronounced with a phonetic y, like 'yoo-nuh-ver-sit-ee,' it is not preceded by "an."

Maniac (V) Inmate

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posted posted 07-15-2007 18:27

Syntax. Remove the first university and you get; As aN assistant at the University of Vienna... which follows the usage rule for "an" but does not tell us very much. So now you have to provide more details...

As aN assistant to Professor __________at the University of Vienna....

As aN assistant in the department of _____________ at the University of Vienna....

Define assistant and all evil mojo go away mon. =)

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Maniac (V) Mad Librarian

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posted posted 07-16-2007 11:10

Yup. "University assistant" doesn't really make much sense as is. Perhaps the term you're looking for is "teaching assistant" (often abbreviated as TA)?

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Tyberius Prime
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posted posted 07-16-2007 15:09

or if you're looking for 'hiwi' that would be a research assistant...

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