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IP logged posted posted 08-02-2007 06:39 Edit Quote

I am in the process of researching my new rig However I am a little overwhelmed by power supplies and what the requirements for a set would be.

So I need someone with more know how than I to critique my PSU choice and for others to oogle





I have a 120gb & 300gb SATA HD setup at the moment, but im adding a 500gb

I am salvaging the burner, dvd-rom, sound card, & other 1gb of ram out of my other last set up.

LAst but not least the PSU:

you input in some form or fashion is needed. I dont want to buy a PSU unless i know it would work according to specs

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IP logged posted posted 08-02-2007 07:19 Edit Quote

this PSU will certainly get your job done. i've quite a similar setup as you have and my 500W tagan PSU does great. so dont worry about it not working

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When you say GPUs, are you planning on getting two and running them in SLi mode? Because you hould note that some of the higher-end graphics cars wil require their own dedicated power line from the PSU. I agree that 500W should do, but you should be aware of the power requirements of each component. When I'm picking a PSU, I not only look at the brand and reliability of it (eg: some no-name or generic power supplies have high fluctuation bands, so they won't provide a constant 500W, whereas I know that Antec's powersupplies are very smooth in their power delivery), but I look at every component in the system, and their power consumption, add it all up, and give myself a comfortble lee-way of 50 - 100W of power, just in case.

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