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RasViewer The Fast, smooth Image Viewer Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=29537" title="Pages that link to RasViewer The Fast, smooth Image Viewer" rel="nofollow" >RasViewer The Fast, smooth Image Viewer\

RasViewer The most Smooth, Fast, Free Image Viewer


1. My Favorites

You can add any folder to [ My Favorites ], make it easy to open wanted images quickly after.

2. Private Authorization

User can lock/unlock items in [ My Favorites ]. Protected your private images from being watched easilly&#12290;
(->Tyberius Prime: I have no clue what that means. Care to clarify, Dan?)

3. The fastest smooth Zoom In/Out operations

Mischellaneous, flexible function to let user Zoom In/Out anywere in a flash. Much more convenient than ACDSee.

4. Batch Rename series, Copy, Delete...

Easy-to-Use to rename image files, do copy, delete... in one step.

5. Rotate, Resize

Easy-to-Use to quicklly rotate, resize the image, and apply change to original file.

RasViewer Introduction, Tutorial films and download Web:


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