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Hi there

I need some advice on two things here, please.

The background story: I would like to help a photographer friend of mine convince a new, important customer that she can fullfill their needs of providing them with a bank of images that she will develop (both content and platform), manage and update.

My friend is looking to overtake their existing photographer who is not as committed as the customer would expect, and she wants to get in there with a suitable, customisable solution which will convince the customer to say "That's it, that's what we need". She has already been working on a mandate for them, so she already has a foot in the door. They are basically waiting to see what she comes up with.
If she gets them as customer, she will have plenty of occasions to work for them, adding original images to their image bank.

1. Now I have a vague idea on how to present this, but I was wondering if there is a formal way to introduce her solution on paper? I am not even quite sure how I would call this, but probably a "Solution proposition" or "Solution package". I think she would have to describe the processes she will have carefully thought through, while leaving enough space for customisation, but is there a way to make it professional-looking? I am particularly interested in finding out how to describe the service she will offer and the processes she wants to put together.

2. As said above, she also wants to prepare a platform, both online and offline, which will be accessible by the customer's staff. Now what software would you recommend?

I am doing some research on all this but I would would really appreciate it if somebody could come up with some advice.



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