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argo navis
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IP logged posted posted 01-24-2008 17:17 Edit Quote

Social engineering uses principles of psychology applied to the usage of information science -
how do users perceive? How do humans perceive? Conflict stems from the differences in perception,
but benefit and evolution do also.

Please understand I am expressing NO judgement before reading further.

NLP is a discipline aiming at clarifying how people do perceive - worthy read for technic and philo :

Few principles that ALL OF US should remind themselves all the time, I am *out* of the pointing fingers zone.


1) Behind every behavior is a positive intention
2) There is no failure, only feedback
3) The meaning of the communication is in the response - Meaning is in the eye of the recipient

Applied to a situation that I know :
1) My intentions here are ALL about exchanging information that I KNOW will be useful at some point
(NLP will be useful if you enter management, marketing, sales, etc.).
My intention is : a drive to BUILD UP and to exchange ideas (like anyone here). It is what I DO when I contribute positively,
and what I fail to do when I contribute "negatively" (the intention remains positive though).

2) I often receive negative feedback.

3) The feedback I receive - thus the meaning of my communication - is often times "is he seeking for attention"
or "why is he lashing out AT" accompanied by "I will lash back at you".

Feedback is : you come across as agressively seeking for attention and we will pay you back with agressivity.

Thank God, another principle of NLP - and fact of life :
4) People already have all the resources they need to succeed

So, let's try to adress the above this way :
1) In reality, I hold the people here in high regard AND THE PLACE ITSELF as well.

2) I thought it was IMPLIED from the sole fact I like to interact with the crowd and push initiative - and also because of (4) - I think
people HAVE ALL THE RESOURCES THEY NEED and am amazed daily at creativity of everybody "in house".

3) My bad : it's the opposite which is implied, that I am trying to take where I am trying to give.

4) I used to use slight arrogance as a means to provoke thinking and reaction - a mean to "tease for reflection".

I see this approach is confused with a 1st degree, raw "I THINK I AM THE CENTER OF THE WORLD AND NEED A HUG"
intent - much to my surprise.

I don't need a fucking hug - period : I don't manage to empathise enough, in a forum context,
with the guy in front - I assume nobody doubts themselves and nobody will feel insulted where I am trying to challenge.
I assumed incorrectly.
I will try another approach.

And you can certainly use these NLP principles somewhere, including GUI design and webdesign - hence the sharing.


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