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IP logged posted posted 01-30-2008 08:32 Edit Quote

Hi guys, well I've been lounging on this hectic job for almost a year and a half. The pays is well ok and since I haven't whined much on any payment increment and since its high time I got one, my boss put forward a proposition for me.

He's really interested that I do a zend certification program [actually he thinks It'll make me a better coder] and he's interested in sponsoring completely the zend certifcation study program for me. Its a 2255 dollar package. Where I live 2255 dollars is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of money, he's willing that I take the course become a zend certifed - however he won't increment my salry during the course - but he would consider incrementing it AFTER the course provided I show some better progress in work and all.

The course details are here on the zend site

He of course requires that if I agree I not leave the company for a stipulated period - frankly I'm not so sure what to say.

I'm an ok programmer though although not zend certified - but then again how much good would a zend certification do provided that even now I can hack my way around to get the job done somehow or the other...

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IP logged posted posted 01-30-2008 10:26 Edit Quote

I would say it depends on how long you must agree not to leave the company for -- if it is something ridiculous along the lines of 6 years plus, I would say they can stuff it -- and how renown the qualification is.
But in general, take as much as you can. You are being offered a way of making yourself more competitive on the labour market, and it is absolutely worth it. Besides, think of all the things you will actually learn and how they will benefit your work.
I am not a coder so I do not know what this qualification is worth, but I can never thank myself enough -- and my parents, who supported me -- for deciding to go back to studying 6 months ago; it thoroughly contributed to landing me the job and situation I wanted for a very long time.
I know this does not apply to you, since you will have to stay in your job for the stipulated time, but my short experience has taught me that any learning opportunity is worth grabbing.

Hope it helps, and good luck with your decision.


Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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IP logged posted posted 01-30-2008 10:55 Edit Quote

I would second Kimson's opinions here, training is always a great thing to have and you should take as much as you can. But don't sign your soul away for nothing.

Is this training really worth it? how much more money and experience will you gain from changing jobs? I recently switched and a new environment has increased my motivation and concentration and I've become a much better coder and increased my salary.

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IP logged posted posted 01-30-2008 11:17 Edit Quote

Well thats the thing - I'm an ok programmer but am not so sure ho wmuch of a difference would getting a zend certification help me in my curent job apart form giving me an edge over competition in teh job pool should I decide to leave...

Is there anyone who can enlighten me on the zend certification and how much of an upgrade is it to a somewhat ok php programmer

Tyberius Prime
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IP logged posted posted 01-30-2008 11:49 Edit Quote

no idea about the zend certification,
but you also need to consider if
cerfication fee + how ever many days the course takes 'payed holiday' > proposed_salary_raise in at least the time you'll be required to stick with the company.

As far as google told me, 'zend certification' is mostly just an exam - no actual course, and at that price much cheaper than what you quoted
So I guess what you're being offered is this ...

2 grand is ok for an actual 3 day hands-on-course real and live and in person. Not '3 online training courses', a couple of books and a exam voucher.

Personally, I'd get the book, a test exam, and the real exam, for less than 200 USD, and take the pay raise...

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