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argo navis
Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Switzerland
Insane since: Jul 2007

IP logged posted posted 02-01-2008 22:20 Edit Quote

(may come across as pompous, please take it lightly - take it as facts, for that's the only
way I'll get the feedback I need).

The nitty gritty :

In December last year, as I was working in a foreign country for a fortune 50 customer of my consulting firm,
I slammed the door. Ended the mission succesfully, to say the least, got two proposals from the customer as a fix employee,
but due to an internal argument - things had got too personal at some point - I abruptly resigned.

I was being threatened of many things outside of the scope of my contract, while managing my development project from A to Z on my own -
without assistance from the business part of my company. Doing the sales, the meetings, the dev, the support, the training, the whole package
and then some.

I figured "if you get to do the biz, receive great proposals, AND get to do the technical stuff + the borderline behavior from management,
then you're better off putting the money in your pocket and dealing without any intermediates."

We're talking about some 60-70 euros an hour here.

...During the past weeks, we argued over those petty things : some meals they didn't want to pay for, some bonuses, all in all,
an amount of 600 euros they didn't want to pay me because they were offended by my departure. Very literally : I heard things
like "we won't do any effort for you since you are leaving us".

I asked and asked again and again for some kind of conciliation, "gentlemen agreement", didn't get any other feedback - so I prepared my case
for a local court : it was a matter of bringing things back to "business/contract terms", not a matter of money.


Today I am stunned : as usual when it gets to be blam-slam door time... they're OFFERING to organize a party for my departure,
and other stuff - irrelevant to my claims. BUT THIS IS SOMETHING THEY NEVER HAVE DONE FOR ANYONE as far as I know.

I take it as it is : an "indirect conciliation, you got guts kid, we're going to reward that but forget about your money."
There was more to it : they are trying to know if I am going solo or not (indirect questions) - I think...

I think they fear me as a standalone rival.

...And I am wondering : I need contacts. I have many already, have established a fame of my own as both a nitpicky pain in the rear,
and an ubber-flexible, skilled, and strong minded pro. Would you take the offer, or stick to your claim?

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Florida
Insane since: Mar 2005

IP logged posted posted 02-02-2008 02:55 Edit Quote

I'd be completely gone already.

argo navis
Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Switzerland
Insane since: Jul 2007

IP logged posted posted 02-02-2008 12:21 Edit Quote

Well, I am ending my contract in "training status" - eg. free to dispose of my time, available asap if they need me, paid normally.

A claim for my rights is what it is : I think I'll take the party AND casually mention, during it, that I still expect my money

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