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IP logged posted posted 04-05-2008 15:08 Edit Quote

Hi guys need some help here pronto. I have a div whcih nests some other divs like this

<div id="container" onclick="dosomething()">
  <div id="column01">....</div>
  <div id="column02">....</div>
  <div id="column03">....</div>

The thing is that when I click on the container div - I've put in the onclick event of that div a function call to be executed. Now the thing is that lets say even if I click on any of the divs within the container i.e. column01, column02, column03 - it still fires the onclick event on the container div. I would like that if someone clicks on the divs column01 and divs column02 that the dosomething() function as described in the onclick event of the container div should NOT be executed... how do I do this?

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IP logged posted posted 04-05-2008 17:13 Edit Quote

You have to check that the element that fired the event ( in the DOM2 standard, event.srcElement in non standards compliant browsers ) is element to which the event handler is attached ( event.currentTarget ).

onload = function()
	document.getElementById('container').onclick = function( event )
		var	event	= event||window.event,
			src	=||event.srcElement;
		if( src==event.currentTarget )
			//	hooray!

And forget about putting event listeneres inside the markup.


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